James Von Boldt

Musician-turned-sound designer James Von Boldt has a close relationship with all things audio.  He is proficient in all standard instruments and instruments of which you’ve never heard.  Additionally, he works well with synthesizers and beat programming and production.  His breadth of knowledge applies to any genre, including Acoustic, Synthetic, and Digital.


James has composed custom music for companies such as The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Pandora Radio, Kia, and Intel. He has composed for Aristocrat slot machines as well as GameCo's Danger Arena (the very first "first person shooter" video game slot machine). He has written and recorded a variety of parodies mimicking popular music with lyric changes and alternate arrangements. 


When not composing, mixing and producing music, you will likely find James recording, mixing, and mastering commercials for radio, television, and the web (as well as terrorizing his boss) at the Dog and Pony Show Studio.


But all work and no play makes James a dull boy.  Outside of Dog and Pony, James has won the award for Best Las Vegas Break-Beat DJ,  placed in the Iron Chef DJ competition, and produced and released drum and bass music under his DJ alias, Impostor. He founded the "1970's horror" inspired band The Night Stalker of which he self publishes E.P.'s and albums. James also founded and writes for a blog cataloging the appearances of DC comic's character The Spectre. He was also awarded Best Sound Design for his experimental sound work on a local Las Vegas theater show.